Download and install the latest experimental version (3.0b5)

Download Pocket RxTx

Download jAReC

Changes in b2:
- (solved bug) no or bad connection over the network with some devices
- (solved bug) no audio in Tx over the network
- new jAReC(b2), no more compatible with the old version. Use this one from now on.

Changes in b3:
- (solved bug) option button labels with previous values kept for not defined buttons
- (solved bug) Hardware PTT Key not working
- 2s message timeout instead of 3s
- permanent key vibration for power toggle (ON/OFF) button
- (solved bug) radio feedback not working
- fixed IC7300 default config (all defined commands checked)
- IC7300 is now powered on when Pocket RxTx ON and powered off when OFF
- message in the GUI when powering on/off the radio
- IC7300 feedback for frequency, mode and filter

Changes in b4:
- currently selected meter value is displayed in the app bottom info bar as a decimal value. This can be usefull for meters calibration
- IC7300 S-METER and SWR-METER working and calibrated (reload radio config)
- IC7300 output power setting calibrated (reload radio config)
Pocket RxTxb4

Changes in b5:
- sliders for commands accepting continuous values (ex. from 0 to 255)
- select desired parameters for feedback from the GUI, even all are defined in POLLING
- (solved bug) radio feedback setting not kept when changing orientation

Latest update: Aug 11, 2018