jAReC5 beta history

Download the latest available version

  • Windows x64 packaged version(64bit) - here.
  • Mac x86-64 signed packaged version(64bit) - here.
  • Installer/updater for Linux (java 11) - here. Use for all 32/64bit distros based on Debian (including Raspberry Pi and Chrome OS).
  • Installer/updater for Linux (java 17) - here. Use for all 32/64bit distros based on Debian (including Raspberry Pi and Chrome OS).
  • jar file (64bit)- here. Use for all other platforms not listed above.
  • jar file (32bit)- here. Use only for 32 bit Windows with Oracle Java 1.8-xxx. Some features may not be available.
  • Online User Guide (Multilingual) here
  • Offline User Guide (PDF-EN) here

  • Version 5 beta1 4.99.11 (Aug 10, 2023) - first public release

    What's new from version 4:
  • Full SDR functionality for Rx, supporting RTL/RSP dongles over rtl_tcp, IQ based receivers (Malahit DSPx, Softrock, etc.), local and remote (over HTTPS) IQ wave files.
  • LSB, USB, CW, AM and FM decoding for IQ signals.
  • Redesigned spectrum and waterfall display for SDR, with touch to tune functionalities.
  • Audio spectrum display.
  • Audio DSP for both Rx and Tx, with user configurable low pass, band pass and notch filters (Rx) or band pass and adjustable compander (Tx). This feature is available for any radio.
  • Audio volume adjustment for both input and output audio channels, with level meter for each of them.
  • Full support for (tr)uSDX, including audio over CAT (both Rx and Tx).
  • Audio, waterfall and CAT over the same TCP port (UDP no more used) in client-server mode.
  • Variable bitrate Opus codec is now used instead of uLaw in client-server mode, for lower bandwidth.
  • Possibility to record (in a wave file) received audio, after DSP.
  • Only the first 6 defined parameters are displayed in the main radio window, all the others are available through a separate parameters panel.
  • All radio configuration files are embedded in the application, for the situations when the central server is not available.
  • Bridge and SRV v3 modes removed.
  • Redesigned (simplified) GUI for the startup page and radio.
  • App folders structure changed.

  • Latest update on Aug 14, 2023