Xiegu X1m pro config file

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Xiegu X1m pro config file

Post by DJ7UQ » Tue May 19, 2020 11:43 am

Hello Dan,
I want to contribute ...
From the web I've found https://qrznow.com/xiegu-x1m-pro-qrp-transceiver/
Computer Control: Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe
(factory adapter required – Choose Icom IC-718 in HRD)

and here is the Protokoll:
https://manualsbrain.com/en/manuals/996652/?page=59 and https://manualsbrain.com/en/manuals/996652/?page=60

Will it be possible to control my X1m ?
If so, I want to create the config file and contribute here. But I'll Need some Support.
Regards, Holger

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Re: Xiegu X1m pro config file

Post by yo3ggx » Sun May 24, 2020 7:38 pm

Hello Holger,

First sorry for the late reply, but for a strange reason I didn't received a notification for the new post.
IC-718 config is already available in the central repository, so you can control your Xiegu transceiver.
Just play with it and see if all commands are working.
Two Xiegu transceivers are already available with dedicated configs. (G90 and X108).

73 Dan YO3GGX

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