Experimental Pocket RxTx version (0.9) & jAReC 0.9

Here we will discuss any subject related to the Android Pocket Transceiver which is available for free download in Google Play Store
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Re: Experimental Pocket RxTx version (0.9) & jAReC 0.9

Post by yo3ggx » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:55 am


I have no plans to rewrite it in python, as currently jarecmini shares the same code with jAReC, just the GUI is missing.
An Android version will be available in the future (named Droid ARC, from anDroid Audio and Remote Control). This will allow you to use an old smartphone as CAT and audio interface for your radio, instead of a PC with jAReC.

73 Dan YO3GGX

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