Pocket RxTx 0.8.1-2

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Re: Pocket RxTx 0.8.1-2

Post by yo3ggx » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:11 am

Hi Ken,

As you may know, the documented CAT protocol for FT857 is extremely limited, you can send just a few set of commands (presented in the user guide). For the others, you must directly write in the EEPROM. The EEPROM map for FT857 is not documented, all implemented commands in Pocket RxTx are based on info available over the Internet. Is possible that the power set command is modifying some bits related to the Transvert mode. If you try again and the same thing happen, then I have to further dig on this one.

Thank you for for your feedback.
73 Dan YO3GGX.
N1KK wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:55 pm
Hi Dan,

I just looked at menu setting 091. It was OFF. For the heck of of it I went through menu's 091 settings and then returned to
the OFF setting. When I exited out I noticed the small symbol in the bottom left corner was gone. To repeat, it was OFF.
I went through the settings with the Main tuning dial. Returned to OFF. Exited out of the function mode and the symbol
was gone. When I went back to menu 075 I could now adjust the RF power settings manually.

I'm glad I was able to return to manually RF adjust again without trying a Master Reset. I am tempted to try rxtx once
again, change the power level and see if I can repeat the issue.

Thanks Dan for your help. I don't think I would have every figured out what the symbol represented. I went through
the manual at least once looking for the symbol but for RF power not for Transverters.


yo3ggx wrote:
Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:18 am
Hi Ken,
According to the FT857 user guide at page 31, that symbol is used for Transvert mode.
Try to enter in the menu 091 [XVTR SEL] and to disable if (OFF), then check again.

I will try later in the evening when back home to check your report on my FT-857. Because PWR set commands are available only through direct EEPROM edit, is possible that some bits are set together with the power ones, by mistake.

Thank you for your report.
73 Dan YO3GGX

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