Decoding PSK31 transmissions using Pocket RXTX and Droid PSK

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Decoding PSK31 transmissions using Pocket RXTX and Droid PSK

Post by yo3ggx » Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:15 pm

Hi all,

A short video was posted on YouTube showing a demo decoding of PSK31 signals using Pocket RXTX (in WebSDR mode) and Droid PSK.
Audio is passed from the tablet speaker to the tablet microphone through the air, so environmental noise and extra distorsion affects the signal.
Even in these conditions, the decoding is still possible.

When audio support will be implemented in HRD mode you will be able to remotely operate in digimodes using your smartphone/tablet.
The video is available here:

Please give me your feedback if you try it.

I kindly ask all who download PocketRXTX to contact me by mail or post a message here if they have issues with the application.
A lot of negative feedback in Play Store for Pocket RXTX from people not even trying to tell me about the issue that they encountered.

Thank you.

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