Control via 3G+ mobile network

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Re: Control via 3G+ mobile network

Post by yo3ggx » Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:41 pm

fy4pr wrote:Hi Dan,
I played with HRD Ip.
Here is a picture of my screen after this manipulations:
I'm not sure if it's what you expected from me.
Is perfect. Will help me a lot to make power button as expected.
I seen a bug in HRD ip, on my phone, if i let the screen coming black (i mean like the screensaver of the phone)
If i hurry up my phone, i get an error:
Unfortunately I cannot replicate this....
Hope it help!
if i can help you again, you can ask me to try something, i'll be glad to do it for you.
As soon as I will have some spare time I will do the modifications.

Thanks again,

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