PocketRXTX alpha version history

You can download here daily updates, posted around 9:00pm UTC almost each day


- first alpha version with WebSDR version 11 support and new direct CAT interfacei
- multiple threads for websdr server data loading
- websdr data for all servers cached in the application
- the callsign for the unavailable servers at application startup is displayed and that server is not added to the list


- waterfall background back to bluei
- when waterfall active, long click on bottom info label to manually set the frequency

Solved bugs:

- buggy waterfall for version 10 servers

v0.6.5-2 (Aug 18, 2014)

- squelch is now OFF by default
- display spectrum in both "peak" or "full" mode

v0.6.5-3 (Aug 19, 2014)

- functional encryption in network CAT mode, but still buggy
- you can not enter your Callsign in WebSDR mode, to be displayed on the server

v0.6.5-4 (Aug 20, 2014)

- you can now save into a memory by entering only the memory name, without info
- better memory handling, all parameters saved / loaded (if available)
- if you want to save a memory when waterfall active, the waterfall is automatically closed
- last status is saved per mode / transceiver, so at next app start you will get the parameters from previous run

v0.6.5-5 (Aug 21, 2014)

- a toast message is displayed if a specific radio from the list is not yet supported
- you are automatically asked to enter your own callsign (or identificator) if not available when entering websdr setup mode
- add direct CAT mode support for: Elecraft X3, Elecraft KX3, Icom IC-718, IC-746, IC-746Pro, IC-7000, IC-7200 (not tested)
- extending support for Yaesu 8x7 - work in progress
Solved bugs:
- WebSDR mode: after you click on one of the memories if you try to change the freq with + or - buttons the frequency jump to the lowest available in the first band from the list
- sometimes when you enter WebSDR mode setup the data about current server is not loaded in the pagei

v0.6.5-6 (Aug 22, 2014)

- if you press START button when an unsupported (yet) radio is selected you get just a message, no radio screen
- in WebSDR mode, long pressing on server picture in the startup page, let you directly select the server
- from now on, by default, if you already have the radios config files and pictures in the application folder (/prxtx), to get these files updated too with a new app version, you need to access the reset box (long press on START Button) and then click on "RADIOS" when in direct CAT mode. This will allow you to customize your config files without being overwritten when the application is run or a new version is installed
Solved bugs:
- several issues when switching between modes after a specific mode was selected previously
- last status (freq, mode) not saved in SDR mode
- crash in WebSDR mode if pressing Fn button
- mode and bandwidth in SDR mode is lost when changing device orientation

v0.6.5-7 (Aug 23, 2014)

- S-meter now displays "S-meter: Sx+xxdB" instead of just "Sx+xxdB"
Solved bugs:
- java error if changing back from SDR mode to CAT after entering WebSDR mode;
- S-meter in WebSDR mode stops if changing orientation;
- PTT button wrongly activated in WebSDR client mode when changing orientation or manually entering frequency;

v0.7.1-7 (Aug 29, 2014)

Previous Play Store version

v0.8 (Aug 23, 2015)

Current Play Store version

Last modification: Aug 23, 2015