Bluetooth VNA Android application

Version 0.4

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This is an Android only application to control Bluetooth enabled Antenna analyzers or VNAs. For the moment the only supported device is miniVNA Antenna Analyzer manufactured by:

mRS mini Radio Solutions.


Current version of the application has the following features:


Current version of the application has the following limitations:



Use this application on your own risk. Do not proceed if you are not comfortable to install unsigned applications on your device. I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your VNA and/or Android device.

Starting the application (Live)

Device type

Width [px]

Height [px]

Scale [dpi/160]

Connecting to the VNA

NOTE: If Bluetooth is disabled, the application will automatically start in Offline mode. You can still play with it and test all the available features, following this manual.

NOTE: Even if Bluetooth is activated, you can still enter Offline mode by selecting “Offline Mode” device in the list.

ANT – Antenna (reflection) mode

TRA – Transmission mode

CAL – calibration mode


Please note that the menu can look different, depending on OS version. The picture is from Android version 4.0.4.

Selecting frequency range

Capture data from the VNA

NOTE: The same graph can be obtained in Offline mode if the provided demo.vec file is loaded. This can be done through the LOAD FILE menu or by just pressing “RUN“ button when in Offline Mode.

Displaying the vertical marker

Finding the frequency for the minimum SWR

Zooming and shifting the graph

Extend the display

Saving data to a file

Loading data from file

Transmission mode

Generator mode

CABLE mode

Offline mode

Loading a saved file in the Windows application

Practical demonstration

This includes only features available in version 0.2. Other demos will be added, so you can subscribe to YO3GGX channel if you want to be informed in realtime.

Please send me your feedback. Further development of the application fully depends on YOU.


Application history

Version 0.1 (Aug 5th, 2012). Initial version of the application (v0.1)

Version 0.2 (Aug 12th,2012):

Version 0.3:

Version 0.4 (Sep 23th,2012):

btVNA_v0.4.pdf Bucharest, Aug 23th 2012 – © Dan Toma – YO3GGX –