Dan (YO3GGX) - Simple projects you can build or use at home

Here you will find some pieces of software and hardware built at home during my very limited free time. New projects will be added as time goes by.
The newly posted or updated ones are first in the list, in each category, to easily find new things when you come back.
If you like my little projects and you would like to contribute with a small amount you can do it through PayPal using the icon below.

A local forum is available here for technical discussions about my projects.

So... let's start:

NEW! miniVNA Android application version 0.9.5
now with L and C measurement mode.(Jul 23rd, 2015)  Android app on Google Play
Offline User Guide available here
Some sample data available here

Pocket RxTx version 0.7.1-7(Aug 29th, 2014)
Now with plugin support. Users can add new transceivers to the list of supported ones.

Android app on Google Play

Daily updates and older versions are available for direct download here
pocketrxtx_v0.6.4 -- Older Play Store version, Bluetooth bug
pocketrxtx_v0.6 -- Older Play Store Version. no Bluetooth Bug, but limited SDR functionality

Offline User Guide (for versions 0.7.x) available here

jAS2SecNET - (j)ava (A)udio and (S)erial to (Sec)ure (NET)work redirector v0.4(Aug 20th, 2014)  Download from here
Offline User Guide (EN) available here

Coaxial/Optical Digital Audio Selector/Splitter.(June 15th, 2014)

LiIon USB charger.(June 15th, 2014)

NSCOM (was BNSCP) - (N)etwork and (S)erial (C)ommunication Tool v0.3(Jan 28th, 2014)  Android app on Google Play
Offline User Guide available here

Ham Radio Deluxe IP Server tester version 0.2.(Feb 1st, 2013)  Android app on Google Play
Offline User Guide available here

miniVNA Bluetooth interface (May 26th, 2012) with full wireless operation .

Portable and foldable Magnetic Loop antenna (Apr 25th, 2012) with remote tunning through the coax cable.

FT-817/FT-857/FT-897 DIY Bluetooth-CAT micro-miniature interface (Jan 5th, 2012)


FT-817(ND)/FT-857/FT-897 DIY Data Modes miniature USB interface version 2(Dec 4th, 2011).


FT-817 DIY Data Modes miniature USB interface (only 40mm x 35mm x 20mm) (Nov 17th, 2011).


My WebSDR servers:

- in Bucharest (KN34bk) for 80/40/30/20m bands
- in Breaza, 100km North of Bucharest (KN25te) for 80/40m bands

DIAX - a full featured Windows Software Phone based on IAX2 protocol (Nov 14th, 2011).

DIAX Windows SoftphoneDIAX Windows Softphone

InfraX - Infrared Remote Manager v1.7.0 (2006).
InfraX Infrared Remote Manager

SPCA - Serial Port Communication Analyzer(2009).
Serial Port Communication Analyzer

My QRZ page where you can find some more info about my HAM working conditions.

My old web page with some useful software projects.

I want to take this opportunity to thanks Laser Business Systems Ltd. for hosting my site in the last 8 years. If you want to buy quality Home Automation equipments and components, then go to the company web site at http://www.laser.com
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